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  The company has a track record of importing JMS Range Products from last 25 years and also introduced quality products in India at a competitive price. Recently we are now specializing in product designing, developing from concept to complete product by developing inhouse moulds to commercial production. The AERO nebulizer is one of the product recently developed by us in respiratory care. Read more  
JMS Products
JMS Medi Tape
JMS Infusion Set
JMS Paed Infusion Set
JMS Blood Transfusion Set
JMS Scalp Vein Set
JMS Burette Set
Toray Dialysis Machine
Refurbist Dialysis Machine
Diaclean Dialyzer -
Reprocessing Machine
Comfort Dialysis TreatmentChair
Dialysis Solution
A.V. Fistulla Needle
Blood Tubing Set
Double & Triple Lumen Catheter
Transducer Protector
Hepabest Heparin Sodium Injection
( 5000 I.U. / 25000 I.U.)
Diaclean Cold Sterile Solution
Citro-H Hot Sterile Solution
Aero Piston Compressor Nebulizer
Aero Oxygen Concentrator
Healthcare & Urology Product
Aero Med Air Mattress
Relax Under Pad
Safe Cath 100% All Silicon Foley Catheter
Anesthesia &Disposable Products
Endotracheal Tube
Spinal Needle
Nasal Cannula
Extension Tubing with 3 way
Stop Cock
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