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  HEM-REP-01 Dialyzer Reprocessing is the main device to sterilization, clean test and affusion reusable dialyzer in hemodialysis treatment.

It uses pulsating current oscillation technique, positive rinse, reverse rinse, positive UF, reverse UF etc. to eliminate leftover in dialyzer in short time to resume the capacity of blood volume and improve usage time.

LCD touch screen - convenience for customer operating.
Silent Features

  Uses pulsating current oscillation technique to make water pressure oscillation around hollow fibrous coat in    dialyzer. lt is easier     to eliminate leftover also saving time and water, improving usage time.

  Uses negative pressure technique to separate the air from liquid. It is more safety in affusion and rinse.

  The design of automatic correction function make sure the veracity in volume test.

  It can work with one set or both two sets dialyzer. lt improves the work efficiency and reduce water consumption.

  It can rinse, clean, test, affuse dialyzer automatically or lonely Also can set work data by user.

  Type, volume and UF parameter etc of dialyzer can be stored in the machine. The operation is more simple and    accurate.

  Fault hint and alarm of fault function.

  LCD touch screen technique.

  Printing function is convenient for user to register the results.

  Alarm of no disinfectant make sure the safety of affusion.

  Can use any eligible disinfectant.

  • For one dialyzer working procedure about 12 min.
  • For two dialyzer working procedures about 21 min
  Size   580mm x 480mm x 320mm
  Weight   approx. 35 kg
  Voltage   220V±10%, 50Hz ~ 60Hz, 2A
  Water Input Request   RO water complied with AAM1 / ASA10 request ( Endotoxin < 2 Eu / ml \ Bacterial level < 200 CFu )
  Water Input Pressure   20 - 60 psi
  Water Flow Rate   £ 1.2 liters / minute
 Minimum Consumption   8 liters / dialyzer
  Reprocessing Time   12 minutes / dialyzer
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