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Comfort Dialysis chair is designed for convenience of the patient during Dialysis or blood donation, or on medical treatment as the chair can be easily adjusted to any mode in sleeping, sitting or inclination position at a touch of a button.

All the movement like back-rest, leg-rest, trendelenburg and up&down position are adjustable by electronic remote control supported by 4 silent DC motors.

Height and inclination angle of the hand rests, head rest, foot support are manually adjustable. The castor wheels on the chair is equipped with individual Swiveling & Wheel brake.

The unique function of Yellow & Red colour button on the electronic hand set adjust chair in following position.

Yellow colour which when pressed brings the chair automatically in an upright position, allows the patient for easy entry / exit from the chair.

Red color when pressed brings the chair in trendelenburg position i.e. head down & leg up. Required when patient condition is critical during dialysis.

The 4 DC motors operates even when unplugged or during power failure, with the help of battery backup.

The main feature of the control box is that it cuts the power off when the electronic hand set is not in use which helps as a power saving factor.
  Length   1958 mm
  Width   609 mm (inc. arm rests 914mm)
  Maximum Height   760 mm from ground
  Minimum Height   610 mm from ground
  Backrest Motion   Variable
  Leg Motion   Variable
  Trendelenburg   12 degree
  Weight of Chair   75 Kg.
 Size of Wheel   100 mm
  Power   230 V input 24VDC Output
  Permissible Load   150 Kg.
  Battery Backup   Standard
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