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  Non-vented set.

  Designed to suit fluid replenishmentusing flexible bag, or with an attached air needle for semi-rigid containers or glass bottles..

  ISO 8536-4 compliant spike
        Conical design with a graduated shoulder structure allowing for easy closure piercing.

  ISO 8536-4 compliant drip chamber (15, 19 drops/ml).
        Soft drip chamber facilitates fluid level adjustment.

        Accurate and regulated flow control over tim.

  ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant end-connection. .
        Available in luer slip, fixed or free luer lock with cap.

  Injection site (Y-site, flashbulb or rubber tube)
        Isoprene (latex free) Injection port.

  Transparent Hub
       Easy and quick observation of flash back.

  Soft Clear Flexible Tubing
        Medical Grade PVC, kink resistance for smooth fluid transportation (Non-PVC available).

  21 G Cein Needle (Optional)
        Super-thin wall needle for better flow rate with minimal patient discomfort.

  Sterile Pack - ETO (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilization validated according to 550 Standards.

Flow Rate Variations
JMS V - Clamp
Benefits of JMS V-Clamp Flow Regulator
Designed to prevent free falling even in fully open position, resistant to thug.
Unlike conventional clamp that pinches the tubing and form two lumens at either side, where plastic "cold flow" develops and causes these lumens to collapse, JMS V-Clamp is designed to firmly pinch and close both tube edges.
Tubing construction is not influenced by thumb pressure (other roller clamps may cause a surge in flow when thumb pressure is released). JMS regulator provides more accurate flow control than conventional clamp. (see bench test)
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