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MS 51EC MS58 Syringe Pump

Product Description:

The MDKMED MS-51EC/MS58 Syringe Pump is a cutting-edge medical device designed to deliver precise and controlled administration of medications or fluids to patients. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, it offers accurate and customizable infusion rates, ensuring optimal patient care and safety. 


The MS-51EC/MS58 Syringe Pump is used in medical settings for several reasons. Here are some key points on why this syringe pump is utilized:

  1. Precise Medication Administration: The primary purpose of the MS-51EC/MS58 Syringe Pump is to deliver medications with high accuracy and precision. It is designed to control the rate at which medications are infused into a patient's bloodstream, allowing for precise and controlled administration of fluids, medications, or nutrients.
  2. Programmable Infusion Rates: The syringe pump offers programmable infusion rates, allowing healthcare providers to set specific flow rates according to the patient's needs. This feature ensures the delivery of medications or fluids at a consistent and desired rate, reducing the risk of over- or under-infusion and enhancing patient safety.
  3. Multiple Syringe Sizes: The MS-51EC/MS58 Syringe Pump is compatible with various syringe sizes, accommodating a range of medication volumes. This flexibility enables healthcare providers to administer different dosages and adjust the infusion parameters based on the specific medication and patient requirements.
  • Support all sizes of syringes from 2ml to 60ml
  • Flow accuracy 2%
  • Keyborad input, easy configuure
  • touch screen
  • External power supply to reduce risk of power module overheating
  • Download setting and up; load therapy data via WIFI
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Dimensions - 278 x 145 x 106mm (WxDxH), 1.5 kg
  • Syringe Size - 2ml,5ml,10m,l20m,l30m,l50/60ml.
  • Volume infused - 0.1~ 9999.9 ml, Step by 0.01ml.
  • Alarm Function
  • Waterproof Level - IPX2
  • Classification - Class ll, Type CF
  • Accuracy - ±2%
  • Power and Battery - 55VA Max; Battery Voltage: 10.8 V; Support 6 Hours of normal operation.
    • Flow Rate - 2ml:0.01~100 ml/h; 5ml:0.01~150ml/h; 10ml:0.01~ 400 ml/h; 20ml:0.01~600ml/h; 30ml:0.01~1000 mlh; 50/60ml:0.01~2100ml/h.
    • Bolus Rate - 2ml Syringe: 100ml/h; 5ml Syringe:150ml/h; 10ml Syringe:400ml/h; 20ml Syringe:600ml/h; 30ml Syringe:1000 ml/h; 50/60ml Syringe:2100ml/h.
    • KVO Rate - Flow rate≥10ml/h:KVO rate 3mI/h; Flow rate ≥1ml/hand<10ml/h:KVO rate=1ml/h; Flow rate <1ml/h:KVO rate =Flow rate.
    • Battery exhausted alarm, Low battery alarm, Near end alarm, VTBl finished alarm, Incorrect syringe handle installation alarm, Syringe size error, Plunger error alarm, Pause overtime alar
    • • Power - A.C. 100V~240V50/60HZ, Input; D.C. 15V/2A, Output. The input voltage to the device.
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