Diabetic foot care products

Diapedia - Medical Monofilament (10gm)

Product Description:

Monofilament test is used to detect sensory neuropathy.

A monofilament test is used to detect sensory neuropathy. Many prospective studies have confirmed that loss of pressure sensation using the 10-g monofilament is highly predictive of subsequent ulceration. Screening for sensory loss with the 10g monofilament is in widespread use across the world, and its efficacy in this regard has been confirmed in several trials, including the recent Seattle Diabetic Foot Study.

  • Losing pressure sensation with a 10-g monofilament is a strong predictor of Future ulcers, as confirmed by numerous prospective studies
  • Based on the foot examination this will determine the patient's risk
  • The International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization recommend the 10-gm Monofilament for use by healthcare professionals at all levels of care.
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