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Diaclean Dialyzer Reprocessor Machine

Product Description:

 Dialyzer Reprocessing is the main device for sterilization, clean test, and affusion reusable dialyzer in hemodialysis   treatment

The Diaclean Dialyzer Reprocessor Machine is used in medical settings, particularly in dialysis centres, for several reasons. Here are some key points on why this machine is utilized:

  1. Dialyzer Reuse: The primary purpose of the Diaclean Dialyzer Reprocessor Machine is to facilitate the safe and efficient reuse of dialyzers. Dialyzers are an essential component of hemodialysis, used to filter waste products and excess fluids from the blood. By reprocessing and sterilizing dialyzers, the machine allows for their multiple uses, promoting cost-effectiveness and reducing medical waste.
  2. Cost Reduction: The use of the Diaclean Dialyzer Reprocessor Machine can significantly reduce the cost of dialysis treatment. By reprocessing and reusing dialyzers, healthcare facilities can minimize the need for purchasing new dialyzers for each dialysis session. This can lead to substantial cost savings over time, making dialysis treatments more affordable and sustainable.
  3. Environmental Impact: Dialysis generates a significant amount of medical waste, including used dialyzers. The Diaclean Dialyzer Reprocessor Machine helps reduce the environmental impact of dialysis by enabling the safe and effective reuse of dialyzers. By minimizing the disposal of single-use dialyzers, the machine contributes to waste reduction and promotes environmental sustainability.
  • It adopts pulsating current oscillation technique, positive rinse, reverses rinse, positive UF, reverses UF, etc. to eliminate leftover in dialyzer in a short time and then resume blood chamber capacity, ensuring the reusing quality of dialyzer and also
  • Water Input request - RO water complied with AAM1/ASA10 request
  • Water Input pressure - 20-60 psi
  • Water Flow rate - ≤1.2 liters/minute
  • Minimum consumption - 8 liters/dialyzer
  • Reprocessing Time - 12 minutes - 1 Dialyzer /21 minutes - 2 Dialyzer
  • LCD touch screen convenience for customer operating.
  • Printing function is convenient for users to register the results.
  • Can use any eligible disinfectant
  • Alarm of no disinfectant make sure the safety of affusion
  • Uses pulsating current oscillation technique to make water pressure oscillation around hollow fibrous coat in the dialyzer. It is easier to eliminate leftovers also saving time and water, improving usage time.
  • ses negative pressure technique to separate the air from the liquid. It is more safety in affusion and rinses.
  • The design of the automatic correction function make sure the veracity of the volume test.
  • It can work with one set or both two sets of the dialyzer.
  • It improves work efficiency and reduces water consumption.
  • It can rinse, clean, test, and affuse dialyzer automatically or lonely Also can set work data by the user.
  • Type, volume and UF parameter, etc of dialyzer can be stored in the machine. The operation is more simple and more accurate.
  • Fault hint and alarm of fault function.
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