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Aero Plus ECG Electrode

Product Description:

The Aero Plus electrode provides excellent adhesion with Japanese adhesive, our silver/silver chloride coating and conductive adhesive gel provide an electrode that meets or exceeds international standards.

Airtight zip-lock packing provides excellent stability of the pack after opening.

High-Quality ECG Electrodes

Easy Application

Excellent Conductivity

Comfortable and Skin-Friendly

Secure Adhesion

Versatile Compatibility

Long Shelf Life

Disposable and Hygienic

Easy Removal

Accurate ECG Readings

  • Japanese Adhesive
  • Silver Chloride Coating
  • Conductive Adhesive Gel that Meets International Standards
  • Airtight Zip-lock Packing Provides excellent Stability of Pack after Opening
  • 50 Pcs per Pouch
  • Minimum Order Quantity - 4500 Pcs
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