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AERO Skin Stapler

Product Description:

Skin Staplers, also known as Wound Staplers or Surgical Staplers are medical tools found in hospitals for surgical procedures. They are used for tissue closure or skin closure and as an alternative to sutures and needles. Our organization is engaged in trading, exporting, and supplying superior-quality surgical staplers.


The AERO Skin Stapler is used in medical settings for several reasons. Here are some key points on why this skin stapler is utilized:

  1. Wound Closure: The primary purpose of the AERO Skin Stapler is to facilitate the closure of surgical or traumatic wounds. It is designed to securely and efficiently join the edges of the skin together, promoting healing and reducing the risk of infection.

  2. Speed and Efficiency: The skin stapler offers a fast and efficient method of wound closure compared to traditional suturing techniques. It allows healthcare providers to quickly and accurately place multiple staples along the wound, saving valuable time in surgical procedures or emergency settings.

  3. Precise and Consistent Staple Placement: The AERO Skin Stapler is engineered to provide precise and consistent staple placement. This ensures that the staples are evenly distributed along the wound, resulting in uniform wound closure and minimizing tissue trauma.

  4. Tissue Approximation: The stapler helps in approximating the wound edges, bringing them together for optimal healing. By holding the skin firmly in place, it promotes proper alignment of the tissue layers and facilitates the natural healing process.

  • Intended for routine skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures
  • Superior design gives uniform tension & minimum tissue compression & trauma
  • Reliable stapling, good grip, Better control, no jamming
  • Superior cosmetic results - promotes blood supply and faster scar-free healing
  • Staple Remover for painless and effortless extraction of staples after the skin was sutured
  • Suitable for various surgeon's hand
  • Easy to use, reduce the learning curve
  • Stapler handle design for good texture and suitable for various surgeon hands
  • The elaborate design of the stapler release mechanism actuate the stapler with ease for using
  • Angled head provides a clear view to ensure precise staple replacement and the staple could enter the tissue easily.
  • Two model skin staplers - Three staple sizes (Wide, regular, high), and Nine Staple counts in a stapler are true in all surgical fields
  • Superior 316 LVM grade pins
  • 35 staples per surgical stapler | Size available: 35 W
  • Minimum Order Quantity - 100 Pcs
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