JMS Blood Transfusion Set

Product Description:

JMS Blood Transfusion Set is a blood transfusion set used for the transfusion of blood or its component to the patient. The set consists of a series of tubes and connectors that allow the blood to flow from a bag or bottle to the patient's bloodstream. The set also includes a filter to remove any impurities from the blood.


JMS Blood Transfusion Sets are a safe and effective way to administer blood or blood components to patients. They are easy to use and can be found in most hospitals and clinics. Provides a safe and effective way to administer blood or blood components to patients. 

Advanced Blood Transfusion IV Set: The JMS Blood Transfusion Set is the advanced blood transfusion IV set. Meticulously engineered, it offers a range of innovative features designed to optimize blood transfusion procedures. From its ergonomic design for ease of use to its secure and comfortable placement, the IV set ensures a seamless flow of blood during the transfusion process.

Comprehensive Blood Administration Equipment: The JMS Blood Transfusion Set isn't just an IV set, it's a comprehensive suite of blood administration equipment. From precision-calibrated tubing to specialized connectors, each component is designed to work in harmony, creating a cohesive and efficient blood transfusion experience.

Integrated Blood Flow Control: With integrated flow control mechanisms, the JMS Blood Transfusion Set empowers healthcare providers to regulate blood flow with precision. This feature ensures that the blood transfusion process remains controlled and consistent, minimizing the risk of complications and optimizing patient outcomes.

Patient-Centric Design: The JMS Blood Transfusion Set is designed with the patient in mind. Comfortable and secure placement helps minimize patient discomfort during the procedure, promoting a positive patient experience and enhancing overall satisfaction.

  • Better and large filter hub in upper chamber avoid transfusion of nay cellular debris into the patient’s body, finer mesh 170u in upper drip avoid fibrin clots.
  • Intravenous administration of Blood and Blood Components.
  • Conical design with a graduated shoulder structure allowing for easy closure insertion and perfect fit with any standard inlet blood collecting and storage bag.
  • Soft drip chamber with mesh filter for filtering fibrin clot and other particulate debris.
  • V-Clam.
  • Accurate and regulated flow control over time.
  • Available in Luer slip, fixed, or free Luer lock with cap.
  • Injection site (Y-sire, flashbulbs, or rubber tube).
  • Isoprene (latex-free) injection por.
  • Transparent Hub
  • Easy and quick observation of flashback.
  • Soft Clear Flexible Tubing.
  • Medical Grade PVC, kink-resistant for smooth transfusion therapy.
  • 18G Vein Needle.
  • Super-thin wall needle for better flow rate with minimal patient discomfort.
    • ISO 8536-4 Compliant Spike
    • ISO 8536-4 compliant double drip chamber
    • ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant end-connection.
    • finer mesh 170u in upper drip
    • Sterile Pack – ETO sterilization according to EN 550 standards.
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