JMS Burette Set

Product Description:

JMS Burette set have a measured volume cylindrical chamber designed to administer a calibrated dosage of fluid to the patients. Burette set work for gravity infusion is usually used for pediatric or neonatal patients. 

JMS burette sets are typically used for pediatric or neonatal patients, as they allow for precise control of the amount of fluid being administered. They can also be used for adult patients who require a specific dosage of fluid, such as those receiving chemotherapy or other medications. Precise and accurate, allowing for the administration of a specific dosage of fluid. Easy to use, even for inexperienced healthcare professionals. Versatile and can be used for a variety of patients. Cost-effective, making them a good option for hospitals and clinics.

Burette Infusion Set Excellence: The JMS Burette Infusion Set stands at the forefront of precision infusion. Designed with a focus on accuracy, this set incorporates a burette chamber that allows for measured and controlled fluid delivery. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations where precise fluid measurement is crucial, such as pediatric care, critical care, and specialized treatments.

Versatile Burette IV Set: JMS Burette IV Set caters to a diverse range of medical scenarios. From standard IV therapy to complex medical procedures, this versatile set offers healthcare professionals the ability to achieve accurate fluid administration with confidence.

Enhanced Burette Drip Set: The JMS Burette Drip Set redefines the drip infusion process. With a burette chamber that provides a clear and measurable view of fluid levels, healthcare providers can monitor and adjust the infusion rate with precision. This level of control enhances patient safety and treatment effectiveness.

  • For Paediatric/Neonatal Patients.
  • Soft Clear Flexible Tubing.
  • Large Size V-Clamp.
  • 23G Vein Needle
  • Injection site (Y-site, flashbulbs, or rubber tube
  • Drip chamber (60 drops/ml)
  • In critical care scenarios where precise fluid management is crucial, the JMS Burette Set shines as a reliable solution.
  • The accuracy and control offered by the burette infusion set make it an excellent choice for pediatric patients, ensuring safe and effective fluid administration.
  • From specialized treatments to surgeries, the JMS Burette IV Set provides healthcare professionals with the tools needed for accurate and controlled fluid delivery.
    • Drip chamber (60 drops/ml)
    • 23G Vein Needle
    • Individual sterile pouch pack
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