JMS Pediatric Infusion set

Product Description:

The JMS Pediatric Infusion Set is a specialized medical device used to administer fluids, medications, or blood products to pediatric patients. It is designed with smaller tubing sizes and pediatric-friendly features to ensure accurate and comfortable delivery of intravenous therapy.

Non-vented design prevents air embolisms. Microbore tubing provides accurate flow rates. Soft, flexible tubing is comfortable for pediatric patients. Sterile packaging ensures patient safety. JMS Pediatric IV Set is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different patient needs.

Pediatric Drip Set Excellence:

The JMS Pediatric Drip Set stands as a hallmark of excellence in pediatric IV therapy. Designed to accommodate the unique needs of young patients, this drip set offers controlled fluid delivery, ensuring accurate medication administration and minimizing the risk of discomfort.

Tailored Pediatric IV Set:

JMS Pediatric IV Set is tailored to provide seamless IV therapy for children. The set is thoughtfully designed to accommodate pediatric patients, featuring precise dosing options and gentle insertion techniques that prioritize their well-being.

Precision Pediatric Infusion:

Pediatric patients require specialized care, and our infusion sets are equipped to meet their unique demands. JMS Pediatric Infusion Set ensures accurate delivery of medications, nutrients, and fluids, supporting the healing process with the utmost precision.

  • Non-Vented (Type 200) and Vented (Type 500) are available.
  • Conical design with a graduated shoulder structure allowing for easy closure piercingISO 8536-4 compliant drip chamber (60 drops/ml).
  • A soft drip chamber facilitates fluid level adjustment.
  • Incorporates a precise dripping port made of stainless steel that provides an accurate infusion rate at 60 drops per ml.
  • Large Size V-Clamp.
  • For better flow control adjustment for pediatric administration.
  • Available in Luer slip, fixed or free Luer lock with cap.
  • Injection site (Y-injection site, flashbulb, or rubber tube).
  • Isoprene (latex-free) injection port.
  • Transparent Hub.
  • Easy and quick observation of flashback.
  • Soft Clear Flexible Tubing.
  • Medical Grade PVC, kink-resistant for smooth fluid transportation.
  • 23G Vein Needle.
  • Extra-Thin wall needle for better flow rate with minimal patient discomfort.
    • ISO 8536-4 Compliant Spike
    • Sterile Pack-ETO sterilization according to EN 550 and ISO 11135 standards
    • ISO 594/1 & ISO 594/2 compliant end-connection
    • ISO 8536-4 compliant drip chamber (60 drops/ml)
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