JMS Scalp vein set

Product Description:

The JMS Scalp Vein Set is a medical device used to access the scalp veins for infusion or blood sampling. The scalp vein needle is a small, sharp needle that is inserted into the scalp vein. The scalp vein catheter is flexible and plastic, which makes it easy to insert and remove. The winged infusion set is easy to use and provides a secure connection to the scalp vein catheter.

Super-thin-wall needle provides a larger inner diameter that enables sufficient flow and smooth infusion. Perfect geometry of needle profile that is individually siliconized for sharpness and painless venipuncture. Unique wing design for easy gripping and fixing on patient arm. Non-slippage design allows secure and safe venipuncture.

Scalp Vein Access Expertise: JMS

  • Luer Lock or Luer Slip connector.
  • Clear flexible kink resistant tubing.
  • Super-thin-wall to enable sufficient flow.
  • Individually siliconized for sharpness and painless venipuncture.
  • Safety and Non-safety feature available.
  • Color-coded wings for gauge identification.
  • Unique wings for easy gripping and fixing.
  • With Wings.
  • Thin wall Needle.
    • Size - 19 G to 27G
    • Box of 100
    • Single blister
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